The Just Another Slice Story

Hi there, I'm Emile, the founder of Just Another Slice. We produce the finest brownies you'll ever try. Baking runs through my veins. Since I can remember, family gatherings were always a competition to see who could bake the most delicious dessert or turn out sweet treats that looked like they were bought from a high-end pâtisserie.

We've continued that tradition with our brownies. We only use the finest ingredients in all our products, as if we were baking each one to serve at our next family event. The whole operation is run out of our industrial kitchen in West London.

Early on in the history of Just Another Slice, we used to produce gluten-free options alongside our plain flour products. These were made using our own gluten-free flour mix. It soon became apparent that we'd stumbled upon something special. The gluten-free options were absolutely delicious! More gooey and soft than their plain flour counterparts. The flour mix added a nutty quality which made them really stand out. As a result, our gluten-free range soon became our best-sellers and the decision was made to do away with plain flour completely. We now operate a fully gluten-free kitchen, meaning we can cater for a larger chunk of the market.

Our product range continues to grow as we add new seasonal and speciality recipes. We are especially proud of our vegan products which balance healthy and conscientious eating with amazing flavour.

The only problem with our sweet treats ... one is never enough!

You'll soon find out why we're called Just Another Slice.