Baking Tips

  • Just a pinch of salt

    It's true! Salt makes desserts taste sweeter. Common table salt is about 40% sodium. We all have specific cells in our taste buds that are sensitive to sweet flavours. When sodium is detected, a clever little sensor called SGLT1 moves glucose to these sweet taste cells, making us register more sw... View Post
  • It's often true that you get what you pay for. Desserts such as our brownies celebrate chocolate as the main ingredient, so we don't scrimp when it comes to choosing which type to use. And it really does make our lives easier. The batter ends up smoother and more consistent in texture, it pours m... View Post
  • Brownies taste even better when they look fantastic. To really impress your friends and family, make sure you cut them neatly and evenly. Using a hot sharp knife will melt the chocolate and fats in the brownie, making it easier to cut and lift the knife out after.I Iike to have 2 large knives sit... View Post