It's really annoying when you slice your delicious brownies only to find that one of them is mostly empty space because of a rogue bubble.
The best way to avoid bubbles is to tap the bottom of the baking tray before putting it into the oven. This knocks the bubbles to the top of the mixture where they are less likely to grow while baking. Don't be shy! Tap tap tap! Smack the tray on the table a few times if you want! Make some noise! The more bubbles you knock to the surface the better.
Another vital element is timing. If you are making a batter with melted chocolate and butter, then make sure you have everything else ready before you start combining melted ingredients with dry ingredients. This way you will have a warm, liquidy batter to pour into the baking tray instead of a cold, solid batter which will retain bubbles more easily.

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